Disney in Review – Making It Special

September 17, 2007

Beyond the packing of the clothes and sunblock, I feel it’s my job as Mom to make our trips memorable and special.  To that end, here are some of the things I do for our Disney trips:

  • Shirts – This is the 3rd year the kids have had personalized shirts to wear at Disney.  This year’s theme was The Incredibles so each of us had a different character and quote from the movie. On the back of the kids’ shirts is a list of all their Disney trips.  We all wore our shirts on our first full day in the parks.  We were stopped by members of the ‘Dream Team’ and given a certificate for free ice creams for our creativity.
  • Car Decorations – It started as a way to identify our golf cart among the hundreds of identical ones at Disney’s Fort Wilderness but the car/cart decorating has grown into a much loved tradition.  I make our own car ‘decals’ by printing our designs, placing them on magnetic sheets and then laminating them to make them waterproof.  We made our rental van into the ‘Incredi-van’ by putting The Incredibles logo on the sides, pictures of Jack-Jack and Syndrome on the back and hanging pictures of other characters (with suction cup hooks) on the windows inside.
  • Music – Nothing makes our trip more ‘Disney’ than our homemade music CDs!  Using all of our music files, I prepared 6 audio CDs worth of fun music.  I keep them in the carry-on luggage so from the moment we pick up the rental car, we’ve got our tunes.
  • Lights – Sure, we could shell out $15-$20 a kid for those fancy light up toys they sell in the parks… but we bring our own instead.  I’ve done this for years and surprisingly, the kids seem to like it that way. 
  • Food – I think vacation is a perfect time to have forbidden treats.  Ask my kids what they love about going to Disney and one of the top 5 responses you get is cereal.  Yes, breakfast cereal at Disney is a big deal.  You see, I let them pick whatever they want, something that never happens at home where sugar content and prices dictate acceptable boxes.

One Response to “Disney in Review – Making It Special”

  1. Kaycee Gutierrez Says:

    What are those light up toys called that you can find in the parks. I want to buy some in advance as well. I’m having trouble finding them online.


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