Sunday’s School Prep

January 27, 2008

Our busy schedule lately has caused us to fall behind a bit in following our curriculum plan.  Not a big deal really.  I still maintain that one of the best tips I received when designing your own curriculum plan is to leave the last week or two of the quarter free and unplanned. 

Rather than rush through things to try to catch up, we’re just going to take our time about finishing our study of electricity this week. We’ll do experiments and continue to look at the books we have on the topic.

The only other thing I plan to cover is more about fractions.  Rather than starting with the lessons in the MathUSee book, I think I’m going to start teaching with some examples first.  We’ll use cardstock and scissors to look at equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators.  Knowing my kids, it’s sure to turn into an art project as well.   Then I thought it would be fun to use rice or beans to explore those same concepts with some measuring cups. 


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