Turning the TV ON

April 10, 2008

Summer at Mom is Teaching mentioned that Turn TV Off Week is coming up.  

Will we be participating?  Well, no.  We’ve skipped TV on school days all together for a very long time.  Recently Adrian became obsessed with having the TV on PBS … all the time.  So for the past couple of months I’ve let it stay on when he gets home from school.  During that late afternoon period they’ve got great educational shows like Cyberchase and Fetch!   But even then, my kids are rarely glued to it.  It’s on right now (because Adrian insists) but no one is even in the room.   They’re too busy painting, making kites and folding paper airplanes! 

No, we’re not a family glued to our TV.  My husband and I aren’t addicted either.  We can go weeks or even months without watching a single TV show. It’s just not our vice.

Since I started homeschooling I’ve realized that in ignoring the tv, we’re missing out on a very useful educational tool.  I’ve tried to get my act together.  We introduced the girls to Mythbusters, How It’s Made and Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  We showed them a few episodes of Alton Brown’s Good Eats on the Food Network.  We’ve caught a show on the Travel Channel here and there too.  But old habits die hard and I forget to check the schedules, record the shows or post reminders.

So instead of turning the TV off for a week, I’m vowing to review the tv schedules, find the good shows, hit the record button, post the reminders …and remember to turn the the TV on that week! 


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