Planning for the School Year: Language Arts

July 16, 2011

We did pretty well using Words, Words, Words for vocabulary last year.  There’s a nice mix of puzzles, fill in the blanks, etc.  The only problem we had was the girls trying to share the one book.  So we bought another.  The girls will only have to do 2 pages from this a week so there should be plenty to cover the whole year.

For grammar this year we’re going to give Giggle in the Middle a try.  It’s geared toward a more traditional classroom but I think we can make it work for our homeschool as well.  We’ll see what happens.

I’m letting the girls slide with spelling for the time being.  Other than a few homonyms, the work they’re turning in is error free. 

Zee will be using one of several 1st/2nd grade language arts workbooks we already have.  We’ll use Natural Speller for his spelling lists and use the spelling practice to also work on his handwriting and basic grammar principles (capitalization, punctuation, paragraphs, etc.).

Beyond that, there will be the usual grade level test prep books later on in the year to cover anything else we may have missed.  We use and love the Spectrum Test Preps for this purpose.   They’re also great for sharpening those test taking skills before we do the end of the year CAT.  😉


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