Planning for the School Year: 8th Grade Math

July 31, 2011

I’ve come to a decision on what the girls will be doing for their math this year.  As we live in NY state, we have Regents.  These state-wide tests usually begin in 9th grade and cover most subjects and grade levels throughout high school. 

Back when my husband and I were in school the first math course with a regents was called Course I.   It was followed by Course II and Course III.  Go figure (no math pun intended :P).

Advanced math students were sometimes offered Course I in 8th grade.  My husband went this route and was therefore able to round out his high school math years with pre-calc and a college credit calculus course.

I didn’t move to NY till 9th grade so I missed that opportunity.  I eventually caught up, but that’s a story for another day.

When I received my paperwork from the school district this year, it included a letter stating that they would allow my kids to take tests with the schools – including the Regents Exams.

So it suddenly dawned on me that I could just teach them Course I (which now goes by the title ‘Integrated Algebra’) and let them take the regents at the end of the year. We can give them a past exam here at home or let them join the school kids in June.  Either way, they’ll get the Regents experience and it solves my problem of what to teach for Math.

Luckily, not only do they still have the Barron’s Regents Exams and Answer books I remember from back in my day, but now they also have review books that summarize all the topics that will be on the exam, give examples and practice exercises!  And they come in this handy ‘power pack’ which includes both for less than $12 for the set.

Having that choice out of the way, I can now put my time and efforts into sifting through timelines for our main focus this year… can you guess what it is?


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