Next Phase

September 17, 2014

Many of the blogs I used to read daily have dropped off significantly in posting in recent years.  I’m pretty sure at least some find themselves in the same position as myself.   Teens are fascinating, complicated, confusing, frustrating, thrilling and give you plenty you’d like to talk about.  But they’re also teens – young adults – and it’s much harder to write about  parenting and/or homeschooling them without spilling more beans than they’d be comfortable with.

We’re in the next phase.

Without giving too many specifics I can say that the teen daughter who homeschooled from 2nd grade to 9th grade is in her second year in public school and doing very well there.  The situation reminds me to remind other homeschooling parents that it’s good policy to make educational choices year by year, child by child.  Consider all your options (private, public, homeschool, etc.) and be open to the fact that what’s best now might change in the future.

Ditto with the kid who homeschooled up till 3rd grade when he made the switch to public school.  He’s in 5th grade this year and thriving in public school.  He needs the competition, the routine, the ability to run for student council…  Again, that’s not to say that he might not come back to homeschooling some day.  But for this year, this is the right choice for him.

And then there’s my teen homeschooler.  She will take the TASC, a high school equivalency exam, sometime in 2015.   This is my last year homeschooling her.  By January 2016 she’ll be attending college full time. Wow.  Talk about next phase stuff!

So that’s where we are this year.  Not very exciting.  Just everyone where they should be. 🙂

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