I’m a mom of 4.  Yup, it’s my only job.  Lucky me 😉

Adrian is autistic, non-verbal and now 18 years old.  He attends a special residential school where he knows the location of every candy dish and how to best charm the owner of each.

‘Gee’ is the ‘elder’ of the non-identical, 16 year old twin girls.  She’s really my first born in so many ways.  She very responsible, loves graphic arts, technology and gaming.  She is homeschooling her way through her high school years.

‘Bee’ is the younger, smaller twin.  She currently attends public high school.  She has incredible creativity, energy and a unique perspective on life.  She is constantly entertaining us with her stories and songs.

‘Zee’ is our youngest, now 11 years old.  I could have stopped at 3 kids. I hate being pregnant and I considered the naturally conceived twins a great 2 for 1 deal.  But I’ve since had to admit to my husband many times that having one more was a great idea.  I was able to enjoy his baby and toddlerhood in a way I couldn’t with the other three because they were all so close in age.  I love to take him out by himself where his quiet maturity shines.

Finally, I need to give credit to the amazing man who makes it all possible.  My hubbie, is an awesome dad, an incredible husband, an enthusiastic teammate, an accomplished provider, a good friend and a terrific cook. I have him to thank for allowing me the opportunity to say, “It’s my only job!”

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  1. bibomedia Says:


  2. JTW Says:

    Hat’s off to you!

    We are also homeschoolers in Pigeon Forge Tennessee (The Great Smoky Mountains). We run a resort management company here in our area and absolutely love having our children in our lives everyday.

    It always tears me up when I hear people wondering why they don’t really get along with their children or they wonder why they seem distant.

    My wife and I just got back from a local football game tonight supporting friends “from the other side” (LOL).

    As we were sitting there, a child about six years old came strolling by as her father was huffing behind saying, “if you don’t stop, we’re leaving… we’re leaving… I mean it, we’re leaving!” The child pushed ahead harder than the team on the field.

    I sighed and looked at my wife commenting, “I’m glad we never really had issues with our kids doing the exact opposite of what we’d ask, even to this day”.

    She, made a brilliant observation and commented, “Most children don’t really know their parents. They spend their little lives with someone else”.

    I pondered the comment and couldn’t help agreeing! Most children don’t know their parents –and, they don’t know themselves! There is no room for discovering either in the case of being schooled any other way than homeschooled.

    I have photos of our son sitting at the rear of our 200 year old farm house at 7:oo in the morning, fanning coals from the late night before campfire (watching the stars and talking). He was eight years old then. Today, he is fourteen and our daughter is ten. She calls an old box elder tree “the roof” to her make believe flower shop where she and I have played games since she could walk.

    They, having spent hundreds of hours with their mother and myself (their proud father) are not only great children, they are truly two of my personal best friends.

    Some might say, “parenting first… don’t be like a friend… be a parent… discipline!”

    I’d have to argue until the sun stops shining on that.

    My children respect myself and their wonderful loving mother. We function as a team. We laugh together. We plan adventures together. We negotiate with one another. We play games. We entertain one another. We learn about the real things in life. And at the end of the day, we look forward to sleepy faces the next morning (whenever they are comfortable to arise) greeting us with a sense of excitement, comfort and embracing the days plan (if any).

    Here’s to all you mothers that help mold our children and us dads into the homeschoolers we are!

    I’m going to get some marshmallows and build a fire. the kids a laughing outside and the moon will be nice tonight.

    Hopelessly Committed Homeschooling Dad

  3. Karen Says:

    Hello- I am a mother of three wonderful children. My oldest has Aspergers and I found that he is not learning to his full potential becasue his behavors keep himfrom mainstreamed classes although he is above his grade level for most subjects. I decided thatwhen we relocate to Maryland this summer that I will homeschool him his 4th grade year and on. Maryland has the moderate standandards for homeschooling. I decided that I want to keep a portfolio, becasue he would do horrible at the other options. My question is, do I need to follow the same subjects in the 4th grade text books for math, science, health and etc? I would like to teach him social studies on particular subjects he is interested in. We are also going to be so close to DC and I plan on teaching him all about things we can find there. Hands on learning is going to work best for us.

  4. Karen Says:

    By the way, I love this blog! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

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