Sunday’s School Prep

December 23, 2007

Ha!  Yeah, right!

This next week we probably won’t be doing much more than making more Christmas cookies, opening and playing with gifts, relaxing and enjoying family.

Of course, my quarterly reports are due this week so I guess I’ll have to pull those together sometime….. but for now, back to the fun!


Sunday’s School Prep

November 25, 2007

This week…..

More about Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan!

MORE long division!

Swimming lessons, get-togethers and what ever fun we can find!

Sunday’s School Prep

November 18, 2007

This week…..

Thanksgiving poems and decorations!

Heimlich maneuver!

More long division!

Great Lake states of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana!

Sunday’s School Prep

November 4, 2007

Here’s what we’ll be doing this week…..

Chemistry:  This week we’ll continue exploring some basic chemistry.  In other words, we’ll be packing as many experiments into the week as possible. 🙂

Math: We’ll be back to some long division this week after a two week break.  Bee has found this to be a very frustrating lesson and I’m hoping the break will mean we can come back to it with renewed interest and energy.  We’ll also start Roman numerals this week so we can continue forward even while we take some extra time on long division.

Spelling: This week’s list includes fame, blame, shame, tame, lame, safe, scale, molecule, atom, proton, electron and neutron.

Writing: The books we found at the library didn’t have much about the history of chemistry so they won’t be writing about those things as planned.  Instead I think we’ll do a book report.  It will be good to review the procedure since it’s been about a year since they wrote one. 

Sunday’s School Prep

October 28, 2007

We’re continuing our ‘official’ break from learning about all the states in the US.  Of course, all that really means is that we we’ll have only a few library books about states out as opposed to several dozen.  We’ll still be discussing and putting important dates in history on our US time-line, putting together our state scrapbook and putting the finishing touches on those writing pieces about Georgia (yeah, they’re still not finished!)

This week begins our study of chemistry.  We spent most of our first quarter on states and the girls have missed the science terribly.  They’ve been itching to do experiments, begging to know more about medicines and asking all kinds of questions about things they’ve seen on Mythbusters.  (I know, shame on me for not indulging their curiosity more… but there’s only so much time in a day!)  So for the next couple of weeks we’ll be donning our goggles and exploring atoms and molecules.

We didn’t do any formal math last week.  Instead we spent time figuring out what fraction and percent the girls have saved toward the purchase of a Nintendo DS.  We’ll skip formal math this week as well.  But perhaps we’ll try dividing the money they’ve yet to save by their allowance to figure out how long it will take to save it…….

Sunday’s School Prep

October 21, 2007

Last Thursday we took a day to go on a field trip with some homeschooling friends.  The girls had a great time exploring a cave and visiting a local orchard.  It was a nice break for everyone. 

Friday I wasn’t feeling well and so we made the deal that we’d swap Friday for a weekend day.  Right now the girls are busy working on reports and math. Gee’s report is coming along nicely but Bee’s been spending most of her time with me on math.  She’s still having a rough time with long division.  This has happened before in math.  She gets stuck somewhere and we go over it again and again, as many different ways as I can think of, till it finally clicks. 

So with all this in mind, here’s my plan for the week….

Math: Bee and I will continue to work on long division.  Both girls can play math games to review math facts.

Spelling: This week’s list of words includes cough, enough, laugh, tough, bread, lead, ovary and uterus.

Writing: Gee’s almost done with her report on Georgia but Bee’s been spending so much time on math, she’s had little time to work on her short story.  She’s got a rough draft but we haven’t even started the editing process yet.  I hate when these thing drag out (I prefer having that proof of productivity finished and filed) but I’m making math the priority right now so we’ll just work on it as time allows.

Science: We’re taking a break from our state studies for a few weeks and going to cover some topics in science.  This week we’ll look at the female body, covering reproductive organs, puberty and menstruation. 

Sunday’s School Prep

October 14, 2007

What we’re working on this week:

US: South East– We’ll continue trying recipes, reading books, making collages watching videos and finding facts about these states.  They’ve got till the end of the week to finish their writing pieces.  As predicted, Gee is planning to do a report and Bee will include her facts in a short story format.  This week’s spelling list will include Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and their capitals.

Math – We’re going to stay put in long division.  Gee’s got dividing 3 digits by 1 down. Bee can do it, but she’s far from confident in it.  We’ll wait till both have mastered it before taking it to the next step.  In the meantime we can do some review work on rounding and factoring.

Spelling – Besides the states and capitals, this week’s list includes avenue, continue, argue, statue, value, deaf, sweat, breath and ready. 

Other–  There’s the usual stuff this week too…. swim lessons, mom’s group, get together with other homeschoolers, library trip, independent reading, educational games, impromptu art and writing projects, music lessons and thank you notes, daily typing lessons, play time….