It sometimes helps to see how other homeschoolers plan out their learning, specially for those just starting out.  I wanted to share the the simple, blank quarter planning form I’ve created for my own use.  Additionally, there are examples of how I filled them out to plan our 3rd and 4th grade years.   All forms are in .pdf format.

Quarter Plan  I use this form to make a basic plan for each quarter.

Our plan for third grade:  G3-Quarter 1      Quarter 2            Quarter 3            Quarter 4

Our plan for forth grade: G4-Quarter 1    G4-Quarter 2    G4-Quarter 3    G4-Quarter 4

A weekly task sheet has been a great way to encourage my kids to take responsibility for their work.  We tried a daily schedule but found it too inflexible.   Weekly works for us.  At the start of the week I write down on this sheet the various school work they need to accomplish before they start their ‘weekend time’.  I’ll often use a highlighter to highlight the boxes to make it easier for them to see what they still need to check off.

Here are the blank forms and here’s an example of the how the various subjects fit in currently.  As our materials and focus change, I change this form to suit our needs.  The first page is what I use for the 8th grade girls and the second page is for my 2nd grade son.

One Response to “Homeschooling Forms”

  1. Dyann Siler Says:

    I found your site while actually seaching for ciriculums for my 16 yr old daughter, who I have withdrawn from her high school this week. I am searching for the ACE ciriculum that my mother used to home school my little brother, in SC. I’m finding it very difficult to extract exactly what I need & don’t need in this process. Any hints, sites, or links that you have found helpful/usefull I would be greatly interested in. Unschooling/homeschooling has become a chore that I have to admit, right now, is very intimidating to this full time working single mother.
    Thanks in advance for your time & thoughts.

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